Seraph, derived from "burning one," embodies the concept of a glowing ember that not only sparks but also spreads its warmth to others.
At Seraph, we recognise the immense value of coaching leaders to reach their utmost potential.
I am Seraph, and when you choose to collaborate with me for your organisation, you gain access to not only my academic knowledge but also over three decades of leadership experience, encompassing roles as a soldier in the British Army and a police officer, where I led teams through high-stakes situations.
My leadership experience spans both strategic and operational levels, and I have earned a reputation as an exceptional communicator who imparts wisdom.
Transparency and trust are core principles in my leadership style.
I will kindle the potential in your leaders, guiding them to leverage their strengths and enhance working relationships. This, in turn, will elevate staff engagement and ultimately boost your company's performance.

This richly experienced talented chap exudes an inner confidence and knowing. Words like thoughtful, sensitive and kind aren't necessarily machismo but they are the qualities and many more that set Kevin apart. Finally he has a clear moral code as to how he lives his life, value led and clear of purpose all adds up to that wonderful quality - integrity.

Catherine Williamson
Executive Coach
Kevin has worked with me and my management teams for all 3 of our businesses. He has successfully helped us build robust teams that are delivering impressive results with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. With Kevin’s coaching I learnt how to use my time wisely so that I could focus on my business goals and strategy. Delegating released me and empowered others to grow.
I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin if you want someone to help you get a grip of your business to move forward.

Martin Collins

MD at Collins Group International
Kevin is authentic and genuinely interested in others.

Sharon Naughton

Deputy Manager
National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service
Seraph - Leadership Coaching-UK


All the services I provide are centred on delivering specific outcomes. As a customer, you can expect a clear understanding of what can be achieved.
I recognise that achieving high-quality productivity hinges on exceptional individuals, not just efficient processes. I can customise both the content and delivery schedules to meet your unique requirements. Please feel free to review the offerings below and reach out to discuss how I can be of assistance:

  • Personalised Coaching Sessions: A minimum of three sessions per client, focusing on enhancing both personal and professional performance.
  • Certified TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence Train the Trainer. I can help you grow your emotional intelligence as an individual and as an organisation
  • Lifestyle Coaching: If you're feeling stuck and in need of a fresh perspective on your life, I can help.
  • Face-to-Face Gallup Staff Engagement Survey: Gain an accurate assessment of your employees' level of engagement and commitment to your business's direction. I will pinpoint areas of opportunity and potential threats through your staff's input.
  • Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment and Analysis: Identify and cultivate your strengths to help you excel in your personal and professional life.
  • Mindfulness: Experience meditation practices that enhance focus and reduce stress, leading to improved overall well-being.


Getting my life in balance matters most to me.

So when you hire me you buy into who I am and what I stand for. A guy who has experienced life with all its richness and challenges, and a leader in the work place that looked after his people and delivered an exceptional service. Let me help you develop you and your leaders, to achieve a better balance of leadership and life.


Thank you for visiting! I appreciate your interest and would love to hear from you. Whether you have a question or simply want to share your thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out.